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When you're suffering with back issues, aching hips or arthritic knees, you know that bone and joint problems are more than just a pain. They can be downright debilitating. Our specialists can give you the relief you deserve and lead you to a new lifestyle.

What sets us apart:

  • Top doctors: Our team includes board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists, representing some of the nation's most respected orthopedic experts.
  • State-of-the-art care: We're home to the most current diagnostic and treatment technology and techniques in orthopedics as well as minimally invasive procedures that can result in quicker recovery and less pain.
  • Personalization at every stage: Your care plan will be created by a multi-disciplinary team and tailored to your specific needs and goals to make you feel better sooner.

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Full range of services

Advanced treatment

Our experienced specialists treat all types of orthopedic issues, from chronic to emergency and from common to complex. We offer:

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Orthopedic rehabilitation

We ensure you regain mobility and strength as quickly and safely as possible with one-on-one care. We offer balance services and therapy options that include:

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Bone health

We help people manage their bone health to prevent future problems and conditions like osteoporosis. Services include bone health education and comprehensive screenings.

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Dedicated to breakthroughs in orthopedics

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge techniques to perform thousands of procedures each year, and our commitment to breakthroughs and research means we're changing how we treat patients. We advance orthopedics by offering or being involved with:

Computer-assisted surgery: Using GPS-like navigation technology, our specialists can perform hip, knee and lower-extremity reconstruction surgeries with high-level precision, reducing the risk of additional surgeries.

iPad navigation: An Advocate Health Care hospital was the first in the nation to use iPad navigation in the operating room for a total joint replacement.

Minimally invasive surgery: Our surgeons are trained on the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery, which can result in quicker recovery and less pain.

Microsurgical techniques: MicroDiscectomies to treat patients with severe back pain and microsurgical reattachment of amputated limbs are two of the techniques our experts specialize in.

Arthroscopic techniques: Our surgeons are leading experts in arthroscopic techniques. Advocate is home to the first facility in Chicago to offer arthroscopic cartilage repair to patients with meniscus tears.

Resurfacing techniques: Used on the hip and shoulder, these techniques preserve tissue and result in less future complications. We offer one of the few centers in the region to perform hip and shoulder resurfacing.

Cartilage regeneration: One of the newest frontiers in sports medicine and joint reconstruction, this advancement is changing the prognosis for patients with severe joint conditions. Our specialists are actively involved in further improving patient outcomes with clinical studies in this area.

Fully integrated navigation suite: We offer Chicago's first fully integrated navigation suite for total joint replacement, which leads to more accurate precision and better patient outcomes.

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Is that pain cause for concern?

Back, neck, hip or knee pain can cause severe discomfort and affect the way you live your life. Our pain quizzes evaluate your symptoms and risk factors and give you an idea of what to do next based on your results.

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