Financial assistance for patients from Advocate

Consistent with Advocate Health Care's values of compassion and stewardship, it is Advocate's policy to provide financial assistance to patients in need. Advocate prides itself on assisting those individuals.

Family size Federal poverty level 100% discount income below
1 $14,580 $43,740
2 $19,720 $59,160
3 $24,860 $74,580
4 $30,000 $90,000
5 $35,140 $105,420
6 $40,280 $120,840
7 $45,420 $136,260
8 $50,560 $151,680

Please note: You must apply for financial assistance within 240 days of your first billing statement. The guidelines are not intended to discourage anyone from seeking medical care. This is not a health insurance program, and there are limitations to the services that are eligible.

How we can help

Advocate patients are encouraged to seek information from their hospital's financial advocate if they anticipate difficulty paying their portion of the hospital bill. Our advocates make every effort to assist patients who are uninsured, underinsured or face other financial challenges associated with paying for the health care services we provide.

We can help in the following ways:

  • Help patients understand their eligibility for a variety of government-funded programs
  • Assist with a worker’s compensation or liability claim
  • Set up an extended time payment plan for deductibles, coinsurance and any other patient responsibility balances
  • Explain the Advocate Financial Assistance policy and assist with the application process

To support our mission of patient advocacy, Advocate also partners with Change Healthcare to review eligibility and provide guidance for government assistance through the following programs: Illinois Medicaid, All Kids, Family Care, Marketplace Open Enrollment as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Social Security Disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and Emergency Medical Coverage (EMA).

Financial assistance policy

Advocate's financial assistance program provides discounts to patients (up to 100 percent of hospital charges) who meet financial eligibility guidelines. All patients eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more for medically necessary care than the amounts generally billed to patients who have insurance.

A key provision of financial assistance requires the cooperation of the patient in providing health insurance information, applying for available government programs, completing an Advocate financial assistance application when needed and providing any requested supporting documentation. Given the sensitive nature of these requests, all communications with the patient or family members will be handled in strict confidence and in a compassionate manner.

Advocate's ability to provide financial assistance is consistent with our values of compassion and stewardship and complies with federal and state regulations. Nothing in our financial assistance policy, websites or other financial assistance material constitutes an offer to any particular patient and creates no contractual rights or obligations.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for government funding or Advocate financial assistance, complete our application:

Free paper copies of the application are also available in all Advocate emergency departments and registration areas. Additionally, if you would like to request a free paper copy of the application by mail, call 630-645-2400.

Applicants may send the completed application and supporting documents to the address listed below or bring them to an Advocate financial advocate at any hospital. Patients can locate a financial advocate by visiting the concierge desk at the hospital and requesting to speak with a financial advocate. For questions about the application process or to check the status of an application submitted, financial advocates are available to assist in person at the hospital or call 630-645-2400.

Where to submit applications

Submit applications to:

Mail to: Advocate Health Care
P.O. Box 3039
Oak Brook, IL 60522
Fax to: 630-645-4691 
Email; or bring to a patient financial advocate.